City Council Looks to Ban Columbus Circle Vendors

According to Gothamist, the Upper West Side city council woman who suggested that food trucks all be outfitted with GPS tracking systems, is now turning her attention to Columbus Circle.  Apparently Taxi drivers have been complaining about the trucks and carts making it difficult for them to pick up fares in the ultra busy circle.  A bill was introduced last week that would ban vendors from the area, but the details have not been released.


  • It is sort of ridiculous up there. Last time I walked by there were literally 7 dirty water dog vendors parked next to each other. Of course, the real victim will be the Wafels & Dinges cart that started it all in that location….and they probably had permission from the building to be there.

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    I’ve already sent an email to Councilwoman Brewer’s office. We need to make phone calls and send emails and be vocal because the people wanting to ban food trucks are very vocal as well. When the midtown ban was going down, I called someone at the DOT and she said I was the first person she had ever talked to that was in favor of the food trucks. Gale Brewer’s office number is (212) 873-0282 and her email is
    let your voices be heard. safe the Wafels!!

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