TONY’S 100 Best Includes A Few Midtown Spots

The 2011 edition of Time Out New York’s annual 100 Best Dishes and Drinks issue was released today and there were just two inclusions from Midtown Lunch proper – the fried chicken at Bian Dang and the pulled pork sandwich at Num Pang. The others nearby are all slightly out of bounds, including the Dave sandwich at City Sandwich, a Halloween sub from No. 7 Sub Shop, chaat from Dhaba, and two expensive dishes from Eataly. Also, for you splurger vegetarian-types, there’s also the inclusion of Tenpenny’s roasted vegetables. You can check out the entire list at Time Out’s website.

And if you’re wondering whether or not it’s possible to eat through the entire list in a year, it is.  I’ve managed to do it the past two years in a row (here is video proof), and plan on taking it on again this year over on my website Eat This NY if you want to play along.

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