Cer Te’s “Octoberfist” Sandwich Launches Tomorrow

A new month means a new Cer Te sandwich, and since it’s October it should surprise nobody that we’re getting some sausage. Meet the “Octoberfist”, a burnt beer glazed bratwurst on a pretzel roll with spicy pork knuckle cabbage and mustard seed bechamel. It costs $8.95 and hits the menu today tomorrow (Tuesday, October 4th). Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Cer Te, 20 W 55th St (btw 5+6th), 212-397-2020


  • Maybe it’s just the picture, but it looks kind of small for 9 bucks. You can get a brat on a roll with sides for the same price, if not cheaper, a few blocks away at Hallo Berlin.

  • I’m with Xerlic, I think it looks like the size of a mini-October”fist”…and for $9, that’s high, even by city standards.
    If I’m feeling in the mood, I’d rather feed the Wanderlust in me and head down to the EV for a real deal Currywurst from Wechslers – 120 1st Ave
    (between 7th St & St Marks Pl). Dort kann man richtig essen u. geniessen. :)

  • I agree. Not enough brat for that bread. Tasty but I won’t get it again. Some more thoughts and pictures of all the bread leftover at the end of my meal – http://bit.ly/r9D36d

    I do however want to try Hallo Berlin now.

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