Mad Sq Eats Is a Perfect After Work Happy Hour

Madison Square Eats
Earlier today Ultraclay gave you a run down of the lunch options at Madison Square Eats (on 5th btw. 24+25th).  But did you know it’s also the perfect place for an after work happy hour?  When I was working there on Monday night, I noticed a LOT of people walking around with beer and realized that there’s really only one other place in the area, Shake Shack, where one could sit outside enjoying the nice Indian Summer weather during dinner and some after-work drinks, without spending a small fortune. As soon as I got the time to check out the beer scene, I jumped at the chance, and I believe we have a moderately legitimate happy hour spot for the next few weeks.

Nunu's Beer

A good number of the vendors are serving up some sort of booze, be it beer or wine. My first stop was at Nunu Chocolates, which has the longest list of brews on (cooler) tap. At $7 a pop, it’s a bit pricey for what you’re getting, but it’s not crazy more expensive than getting a pint at a bar. I was especially pleased that they’re offering some more exotic beers and not your usual bar rundown. I got the Nebraska Infinite Wit (very wheaty), while my companion chose the Great Divide Hercules Double IPA (very bitter).


While we were enjoying those beers, I looked around at what some of the other vendors are offering. The most expensive beers I found are at Cannibal’s stall. Cannibal is the next brother restaurant to Resto, so it’s expected that they will have some good beer. For what I understand, Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA might be worth that $9.


I also found Roberta’s serving up their very own Sixpoint saison brew, Get Safe. Since the only other place you can get Get Safe is Roberta’s, and it’s only $6 for a pint here, I’d say DEAL. Can’t get much better than pizza and beer on a nice autumn night.

Sweet Action

Lastly, Sigmund’s Pretzels is bringing out the Sixpoint too because what goes better with beer than pretzels. They have the whole line including the seasonal Autumnation. Of course, I went with one of my personal favorites, Sweet Action. Another stall worth checking out for your evening refreshment is Almond’s, I’m saving them for my after work drinks next week.

Madison Square Eats, Worth Square, 25th Street and Broadway. September 23 – October 21st.

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  • Great write-up! BTW, after we left Nunu, I noticed a bit later they ran out of the Nebraska Infinite Wit… it was taken off the chalkboard and something else replaced it but I couldn’t read what. And I’m sad you left out the tassled loafers with no socks, and purple socks man. Boo :P

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