Get Half Off Bann & Bamboo 52

Do you like Bann Next Door, but have always wanted to try Bann?  Well here’s your chance to do it for less.  Today’s Open Table deal gets you $50 worth of food at Bann for just $25.  Sadly it’s not good for lunch or Bann Next Door.  And speaking of Hell’s Kitchen splurges… today’s Google Deal gets you $50 worth of food at Bamboo 52 for $25 as well (the Happy Hour spot where Blondie and Brownie had their 1 year blog-versary.)  Enjoy, you cheap bastards!

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  • It’s hard to gauge whether or not these are better than the current deals out there. (I know a lot of people hate) offers a $25 off voucher at Bann for currently $1 if you use code WOW. There are a few rules involved but it’s still a very good deal.

    LivingSocial Instant offers $25 for $50 at Bamboo 52 nearly everyday. The only rules being the time it can be used and that you cannot use it towards alcohol. Google’s deal only allows 2 people per table.

    Just saying…..

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