I Tried Cafe Charlie’s Seafood Pizza, And Lived To Tell The Tale

Cafe Charlie Yolato

When I saw that the old standby Cafe Charlie (40th btw Mad+5th) had added seafood pizza to their menu, I stopped in to see what it was all about. They have a decent mandoo bar-the only such one in that area of Midtown-so I wasn’t too scared about trying seafood from them. I was also intrigued by their sign of “gold” or “white” seafood pizza. What exactly would “gold” pizza entail? Answer: every Italian’s worst nightmare… yellow cheese on seafood.

Cafe Charlie Seafood Pizza

The pie is your regular 8″ personal pie, with a very thin, unimpressive cracker crust. I was definitely put off when I realized they don’t make the pizza fresh. In other words, before they warm it up in the oven, it’s been sitting around for who knows how long. When eating a regular cheese pie, that’s okay. When eating seafood, that’s shades of wrong. The seafood on top is shrimp, calamari, and fake crab meat, tossed with olives and slivers of mushroom. The seafood had mozzarella and American cheese sprinkled on top, which might be a no-no for some of you. Underneath was a small layer of generic marinara sauce. Nothing tasted off, but it would have definitely tasted better fresh and hotter. As a fan of the clam pie, I know that seafood can work on pizza, but this wasn’t exactly it. Luckily, I did survive to tell the tale.

Cafe Charlie, 9 E. 40th Street (btw. Mad+5th), 212-725-1420


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