Lunch Box Buffet Replaces Fay Da With New Bakery Case

Lunch Box Buffet

A few weeks ago Lunch’er Tiffany tipped us off to the news that  Fay Da is no longer selling pastries at the front of theLunch Box Buffet (on 34th btw 7th+8th), but they didn’t let the space stay empty for long. The space is once again filled with buns and cakes,  but this time Lunch Box themselves are making it fresh on the premises. I stopped by to pick up a few treats to see how they stacked up.

Pork Bun

The first thing I went for was the pork bun. If you’re only as good as your best pork bun, then Lunch Box would have some issues. Sure it’s only $1.25, but what it makes up for in price, it lacks in actual filling. The bun’s fresh and fluffy, but when half of the inside is literally air, it’s not the best pork bun in town. If you’re planning on getting these for your Bolt Bus ride, splurge a little and get at least two.

Coconut Cream Bun

I also picked up one of my favorite buns, a Coconut Cream bun. The cream inside is a coconut buttercream, only piped through a slice in the bun. The same price as the pork bun, this was a bit more substantial–granted they’re empty calories–and is a completely acceptable coconut bun. Another fresh bun and butter-full buttercream, it’s good when you’re craving one, but can’t head out to Chinatown or Flushing.

Paris Cheesecake

Lastly, I tried a slice of cake. The French-inspired cakes in Chinese and Korean bakeries always get me. This was their Paris cheesecake. The cheesecake top layer isn’t like American cheesecake, rather this was a soft whipped cheesecake that had a subtle lemon flavor to it. The bottom layer is made up of vanilla spongecake that serves to complement the top layer. Neither are sugary sweet like an American dessert, so it’s good if you prefer your treats that way. As far as Asian bakeries go, what they’re doing at Lunch Box is average to above average, and everything is a bit more expensive then it used to be.  But if you find yourself in the area and don’t feel like hiking to K-Town, it’s still a decent option.

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