Burger Heaven on Madison Closes Down

If you ever wondered how two Burger Heaven locations could operate so close to each other, and both stay in business, this news shouldn’t be a huge shocker. Lunch’er Harry reported in the forums that the Burger Heaven on Madison btw. 54+55th is now closed. Their website says “closed for renovations” but we hear that the space has been taken over by a new tenant and will become a Japanese restaurant.


  • I don’t know about the other location, but this one was always packed. I’m really surprised it closed.

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      I assume the rent was higher at this location than at the 53rd street location… But I agree this one was busier than the other.

      Hope its sushi, fairly inexpensive with lunch specials, please!

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    They own the buildings themselves. Maybe it is being renovated. It’s funny that you say you are not surprised it closed since they are so close together. They have both been open for years.

    • It was somebody at the restaurant who told us that a Japanese restaurant with different owners was taking over the space…?

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        Oddly enough the Burger Heaven on the UES closed down recently (I assumed b/c the new Shake Shack opened up close by) and was replaced by a Japanese restaurant.

  • The location on Madison and 41st changed their name a few months ago. No longer Burger Heaven. Perhaps the company is being dissolved.

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    well unfortunately most of you are wrong. The buildings are indeed owned by the Burger Heaven family, and they are not being dissolved. The stores on 41st and on 86th were both run by another guy not the family he just used their name, but his stores became very sub par, so the family had him change his name. Also its not like the 53rd street store all the sudden drove it out of business they have both been around for 20+ years

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