The Jerk Pan Truck Better Last Long Enough For Me To Eat Their Entire Menu

Jerk Pan

This has been a tough few months for anybody who likes eating from food trucks, but the most recent crackdown in Midtown East has hit me particularly hard because I just discovered the Jerk Pan Truck! And it pains me to think that they might be forced to leave their current spot (48th & Park).

At Jerk Pan you get your choice of a number of different size portions. The last time I had Caribbean food from a truck, at Sunrise Grill back in May, I got the small and it turned out to be pretty damn small. So at Jerk Pan I went with the large- which was listed as $10.50 on the menu, but they ended up only charging me $8. (Bonus!)

Jerk Pan

After reading what Zach wrote about Jerk Pan I decided to go with the stewed brown chicken, figuring it would be good to try the least bold flavored item first and work my way up. For $8, it turned out to be totally awesome. The sauce was crazy good and there was plenty of it to cover most of the rice. The pieces of chicken were not only flavorful but were stewed until all of the meat was just falling off the bone (which you do have to watch out for.)

With all the madness going on, I hope I’ll be able to try the rest of the menu. They better be there today!

Jerk Pan, Corner of 48th & Park Ave


  • Yet another Donny T. post with no information we can actually use.

    You thought it was “totally awesome” and the sauce was “crazy good” while the meat was “flavorful.”

    How about using words that mean something to actually describe the flavor, texture, etc. of the foods you are writing about — tell us why the sauce was crazy good, for example.

    For some of us, the mere fact that you think something is awesome is not enough to help us determine whether it’s worth trying.

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      More like Jerk Store

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      well he did say there were bones. that’s a texture right? honestly just reading that part is enough when it comes to something stewed. cant stand getting fork fulls of great tasting food and then chomping down on one errant bone and just making me not want to eat another bite of it.

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    caribbean places nevel sell boneless chicken. carts, brick & mortar places in crown heights, the actual caribbean islands- always bones.

    anyways- does anyone know where sunrise grill has ended up? they used to be on 37th but were kicked out.

  • Went to Jerk Pan last week. I had the jerk chicken. I was unimpressed. The chicken tastes low quality. I don’t know where they get their birds from, but they are not likely good quality.

    They chop the chicken pieces with the bone in, so there’s bone fragments in the food.

    The jerk chicken seemed to be muted in flavor. I don’t know why that is. I liked the sauce on the rice. I think I need to try something else if I go back, or just stick with Jamaican Dutchy.

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