Red Hook Lobster’s BLT is A Jewish Mother’s Nightmare

When I heard the Red Hook Lobster Truck was serving a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato sandwich with lobster, I eagerly awaited for them to show up again in Midtown. Perhaps the excitement stemmed from my rebellion against my Jewish upbringing or maybe it’s just the fact that bacon and lobster are two of the most delicious things in the entire world.

The truck finally rolled in to Midtown on Friday and I decided to head over there early just in case they were shut down by the cops. Somehow, they seemed to make it through the day. They were there at 12:30 when I arrived and they were still out when I walked by a few hours later.

Aside from the food truck crackdown (or shitnanigans), my biggest concern was that this was going to be a big splurge. The normal lobster rolls at this truck (and Luke’s) will run you $16. So I was quite shocked when I saw the sign saying that the BLT Special was only $10 ($13 if you include a drink and chips). That’s a steal for a lobster roll, especially for this quality of crustacean.

I’ve never been a huge fan of BLT sandwiches, finding them very empty. I mean, they’re just a few salty crunches away from being a mayo lettuce sandwich. However, this one was a vast improvement on any BLT I’ve ever tasted. The main flavor was from the sweet apple chipotle mayo (which I was hoping to have more heat), which slightly overwhelmed the lobster meat itself. Yet the crunchy bacon added a nice contrast of textures to the soft, rich lobster pieces. The lettuce and tomato were both fresh and crisp.

For $10, you get less lobster meat than you would in a more expensive roll and without the chips you may leave hungry, but the addition of bacon and the chipotle mayo make this a sandwich worth trying. Somewhere, my Jewish ancestors are kvetching!

According to the Red Hook Lobster Truck’s Twitter feed they are taking the week off for a little R&R, but our push to get them to add this one to the permanent menu will not be discouraged by a little vacation!  What do you say, guys?


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    Since BLTs already contain bacon I think it’s safe to assume that your mom may not have been a big fan of them regardless…

    As for BLTs being ‘empty’ or ‘not filling,’ I think that maybe you should try to spice up your sandwich when you are making it. You could try:

    - Using thicker cuts of bacon
    - Using more bacon
    - Using beefsteak tomatoes
    - If you use regular bacon don’t let it get so crispy, because then it’s like you are eating air

  • that just looks like a hot mess. how do you eat that with your hands?

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