Oms/b’s Special Set is a Good Light Snack

Oms/b This tiny rice ball shop seems to be always packed during lunch time and that’s why I have always ignored it. I had tried it back in 2004 but I don’t remember what I thought about it then. I do love Japanese rice balls because they’re cheap and are great little snacks (I get them all the time at Cafe Zaiya). One day I found myself craving for Japanese food and was thinking about going over to Dainobu but it started to rain so I ran into Oms/b instead.

It was super crowded and it didn’t help that the line moved very slow but it did give me some time to scan over the items. I wanted to try their sides as well so I went with the Special Set ($7.25).


A Special Set came with 3 rice balls (they decided which ones), a small side and a soup (it was a choice of miso or clam chowder).

This was more a snack than a lunch. After eating everything I was still very hungry. But everything tasted good. The chili shrimp rice ball was pretty good but it could’ve been more spicy. The salmon rice ball tasted pretty standard. My favorite of the 3 was the fried chicken rice ball. The piece of fried chicken had lost a little of it’s crunchiness but it was still very good. Another thing I liked about these rice balls was not only is there stuff on top but there is stuff inside the balls as well. (Bonus!)

The clam chowder was definitely good for rainy days. It wasn’t the best cup of soup but as a free soup it was delicious. The side (I was hoping I get a choice as well) was okay. Nothing really special about a tiny cup of sliced vegetables.

I’m not sure how many rice balls at Oms/b you’d need to eat before getting full. For me, they are delicious and pretty to look at but a bit too pricey to fill up on.

Oms/b, 156 E. 45th St. (btw. 3rd & Lex) 212-922-9788


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    It’s barely under $10 for 3-4 rice balls/triangles. Some of their fillings are delicious but rarely available during peak lunch time. And one can always walk over to Dainobu, the Japanese grocery store, for a wider array of more filling bento options and cheaper rice triangles.
    Plus a Tueday (after a three-day weekend), a year ago, I ate a wasabi shrimp or tuna triangle from Ombs and had food poisoning. So since then, their mayo wasabi shrimp is associated with crawling home sick from work, after lunchtime, with my head hanging out of a cab. Yet, their mayo wasabi-shrimp triangle is soooo delicious though.

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    It’s better to go near closing. They have an amazing deal that not even I could pass up.

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