Meet Cer Te’s August Sandwich: The Montauk Hangover

Montauk Hangover

When Certe (55th btw 5+6th) introduced this month’s sandwich, the Montauk Hangover, it looked a little lacking to me. Certe’s sandwiches usually have a good amount of heft and meat to them, but this sandwich’s main part was a fried duck egg? And who puts creamed corn in a sandwich? Is this the sort of sandwich abomination rich people eat on the South Fork?! I’ve never really felt gypped before when handing over $9 for a Certe sandwich, but what was I getting here? A glorified breakfast sandwich? Yes, indeed, that’s what it is.

Montauk Hangover

Once I opened up the container, I saw that this sandwich was a messy, fork and knife affair. As I went to cut it in half, I broke the yolk of the perfectly fried egg. The potato roll was a good call since they do a good job sopping up the runny yolk and mildly spicy lobster sauce. Crispy fried leeks added a nice crunch in almost every bite, and I was surprised by how much I like the sweet, creamy corn. The corn is actually the overwhelming taste, with a bit of lobster sauce also coming through. I’m pretty sure using the duck egg is more for size. As I was eating, I realized this would be the perfect lunch sandwich for someone on the hungry side of a hangover, and it certainly tasted like a decadent gilded lily from the East End. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this sandwich for the same price or higher out in the Hamptons, but I don’t know if it’s going to be everybody’s idea of the perfect Midtown Lunch.

Cer Te, 20 W 55th St (btw 5+6th), 212-397-2020


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    From the looks of it, it cures your hangover by making you throw up for several hours.

  • I tried it this week. It can be viewed many ways. It’s a delicious mess. I didn’t miss the distinct flavor of the duck egg. It’s pretty powerful. This sandwich is about as gastronomically adventurous as most people can get for lunch under $10.

    After eating the sandwich I went through and ate all the left over corn and fried leeks. I liked the sandwich and I would recommend it to people that like a food experience. Also, fans of Certe should obviously give it a try because of their good track record with sandwiches.

  • it sounds effing HORRIBLE.

  • oh my god and it looks even more horrible. They should have named it “Montauk Duck with iritable bowel syndrome.”

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