Desi Food Returns to 50th With a New “Kati-Kart”

The Desi Food Trucks have been a pretty big part of Midtown Lunch since Clay first visited them over a year ago. So, it was a big loss when they were forced out of their spot on 50th (btw 6+7th) by the cops. Ever resilient, the Desi folks may have found a way around the food truck breakdown – they parked their brand new Kati-Kart on 50th btw. 6+7th. Get a look at the menu and some kati rolls after the jump.

The menu at the Kati-Kart will be familiar to anyone who’s been to one of the trucks. They have 5 kinds of kati rolls (aloo masala, chicken, chicken anda, paneer masala and just plain anda) ranging from $4 to $5.50 each, with a $1 price break for ordering two of the same kind. They also have daal, chicken tikka masala and chicken biryani. Finally, they have three combo meals that combine a kati roll, a main dish and a drink for $8, 9 or 10. The combos are somewhat rigid (only the $10 one lets you pick any roll you want), but will still save you some money, even if you don’t factor in the cost of the drink (which I don’t).

It was my first time eating at a Desi Food establishment, so I just got a couple of kati rolls. They didn’t have any chicken left, so I got the aloo masala (above) and the paneer masala. The rolls are definitely more simple than the flavor orgies I’m used to from Biryani Cart. But they are also significantly bigger, and still really good. The aloo roll ($4.50) was hearty and packed enough heat for me to notice.

The paneer roll ($5.50) didn’t disappoint either, with chunks of cheese and their cilantro sauce. It seems weird to pay this much for a vegetarian kati roll, but I didn’t have any complaints while eating it. The bread on both rolls was a little chewy, but nothing that detracted from my enjoyment.

Normally, I would balk at paying $10 for just two kati rolls, but I’ve got to say they are pretty filling. Still, I’ll be looking at the combos the next time, and there will definitely be a next time. I applaud Desi Food’s effort to get back on 50th St. The Kati-Kart plans to make 50th btw 6+7th their permanent home during the day (they may head down to 27th and 5th in the evening). As always, keep your eyes on their twitter (or the ML Twitter Tracker) for the latest updates.


  • 6 dollars for 2 is the accepted price point. This is ridiculous.

  • So the other halal carts didnt have a problem with them parking there? Well, then BRING BACK HAPPY WELL BEING HOUSE CART!!….

    but i digress. I also went yesterday, got the “non-veg” combo. the chicken (in both the roll and marsala) was a bit on the dry side, since they use white meat. flavor-wise, it was really good. i thought it wouldnt be enough food for me (i’m a rather big eater), but surprisingly it was, and i didnt even get hungry before the end of the work day. Though at $9, i’m not sure how often i’d go…

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    I passed by this cart yesterday around noon. Only one patron browsing through the menu. Not a heavily traffic block (considering 7 carts on 48th street? Really, how could they compete??) but the two carts in the cart seems to be working hard.

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    Just passed by the cart today after reading about it. It was already 12:00 and they said they wouldn’t be open for another half hour. My brother got food from the truck at a different location and gave a great review, so I decided to wait. After the long wait, not only did they give tiny portions but they got my order wrong too!! Being a vegetarian and getting a chicken kati roll completely ruined my lunch, especially after waiting half an hour to try them out. Will be staying away from the carts next time around =(

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      Yeah that sucks, I can understand especially since I don’t eat pork. However, I say give them another try and peek into your roll before you eat. Everyone gets 1 chance to mess up. If I go to a place that everyone and my friends are raving about and it turns out to be awful, I’ll always go back to give it one more shot to see if they were having an off night.

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    they have also brought back the other desi cart on 39 and 6 ave.

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    I just got the “Royal Desi Meal” combo, $10 (+$1 tip). It got me a “Kolkota” chicken biryani (small), any roll of my choice (I got the anda chicken) and a bottle of water.

    First of, this biryani is way better than Mehru’s, it has that quality you get from biryanis at Pakistani or Indian weddings. Secondly, the roll was as close to a divine revelation I’m going to get to today. The egg (“anda”) was cooked perfectly, still a bit runny and the chicken tasted amazing (all thigh meat it feels like).

    Seriously people, try this and try it now.

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