Frites N Meats Not Coming Back to Midtown

If there was ever proof that we are a bunch of fatsos, here it is.  The Frites N Meats free french fry tour never made it Downtown yesterday, because after a stop in Midtown and a stop in the Flatiron they ran out of frites! But fear not our fat friends to the south… they’ll be hitting up the spots they missed with more free fries over the next few days.  As for their return to Midtown?  The brothers told DNAinfo that because of all the trouble trucks have been having in Midtown these days, they will not be returning.  (So it’s a good thing you scored those free fries yesterday.)

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  • Maybe its just me, but seems counter-intuitive to give out free fries in midtown to herald their return but not plan on servicing midtown. What am I missing? (actually not much, since I’m not a huge fan anyway).

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