Azure on 3rd Ave. Closes After 15 Years

This might not be as big a deal as Zaiya, but Azure, the generic deli that’s been on 3rd Ave. and 51st for 15 years, has closed after the owners decided not to renew their lease.  It wasn’t particularly special, but its by the pound buffet (which was briefly mentioned in our guide to beating by the pound buffets) will always hold a special place in our heart.  [via Eater]


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    Are there any other by the pound buffets in the area?

    The only other one I know about is Tomato on 52nd (between Lex and 3rd) and that was shuttered by the DOH many months ago.

    • There’s Silo Cafe in the Crystal Pavilion on 51st and 3rd. It has a per pound buffet and the pricing was on par with Azure. They didn’t have as many Asian offerings though.

      I easily went over $11 for lunch the other day after trying out a little bit of everything + a bottle of water…

  • There goes my Breakfast BLT fix every Monday.

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    Thanks, I’ve seen the buffet at the Silo Cafe before, but I always just pass right by to Sophie’s or Pampano.

    To answer my own question, there’s also the buffet in the Cucina place in the atrium of the Citigroup building. Looks kind of chi-chi and expensive though.

  • Azure had the best fried chicken on a buffet in the city. THE best. It was worth breaking all the rules for.

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