Artisanal Launches Ice Cream Cart

Thanks to Mister Never for sending along this photo/tip… Artisanal, the cheese shop/bistro on the outskirts of the Midtown Lunching boundaries (32nd btw. Mad+Park) has just launched an cart in front of their restaurant serving hand made ice cream. A single scoop is $3 and they’ve got a chocolate featuring Mast Brother’s, and a sweet corn custard ice cream with blueberries that was described by the tipster as “AMAAAAAZING”.

Check out the full menu after the jump.

Artisanal Bistro, 2 Park Avenue (on 32nd btw. Park+Mad), 212-725-8585

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    oh, how I love Artisanal. This looks totally worth the walk from the west side. The prices look pretty decent. I wonder what the size of a scoop looks like.

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