Talent Thai Beyond the Khao Soi: Pad See Ew

Talent Thai Couple weeks ago I found myself dying for some good Thai food. I did a quick search and nothing seem too exciting showed up. Though I’m a block away from Dee Daa but Blondie didn’t make it sound like it was worth the try.  I decided to ask the Midtown Lunch twitter account (have you ever tried this?) and it pointed me to Talent Thai. A good ten blocks from my office, the thought of walking there in the summer heat made Dee Daa look that much better. But once I saw that even Robert Sietsema is a fan of  TT I felt like I needed to investigate this- sweat be damned!

Talent Thai

Zach was a huge fan of the khao soi at Talent Thai, but I figured I’d try something else on the menu.  Everybody has their one dish to judge all new Thai places by and mine is the chicken pad see ew ($7.95). Just by looking at Talent Thai’s version, it looked pretty damn tasty and a quick stab at the flat noodles didn’t cause them to fall apart into tiny pieces (also a good sign.)  The noodles were smooth yet still chewy (a sign of good cooked rice noodles) and there were more than enough slices of chicken and veggies. This dish was good and flavorful, actually a little too flavorful if that’s possible! The cook added a little too much soy sauce, so it was slightly salty, but all in all Talent Thai’s pad see ew is definitely one of the better versions I’ve had in Midtown.

Talent Thai

The shrimp dumpling that came with the lunch special was quite good as well but was also a little too salty because it had been soaking up the soy sauce inside the container. Thankfully the lunch also came with a bottle of water.

For now Talent Thai is definitely my go to Thai place.  Next up… I think I’m going to try their curries.

Talent Thai Kitchen, 210 E. 34th Street (btw. 2+3rd), 212-725-8888

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