At Lunch Now: Harry’s Italian Rock Center is Open

Got a tip this morning that the Rock Center branch of Harry’s Italian was opening in the concourse today, and our man Ultraclay confirmed it. All reports from the Taste of Summer thing two weeks ago seemed to be positive… and as of an hour ago it hadn’t turned into a shit show just yet. Early adopters with reports from the scene, put them in the comments.


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    Just finished eating a slice of the sausage pizza from here. $2.75 for said slice seems a bit pricey to me, but it was very, very tasty. They also have (what appear to be) pre-prepared salads and a few sandwiches like chicken/mozzarella and prosciutto. The space is small, so I could see lines getting Lenny’s-esque once the word gets out. Overall though, very glad this place is finally open due to the total dearth of quality pizza near Rock Center.

  • Picked up 3 slices (plain, pepperoni and mushroom). Menu is real basic (all grandma style slices and just a few choices of toppings) and at first glance I was worried I was overpaying for what was essentially just glorified Papa Perrone truck. But the slices were actually very tasty and the quality of ingredients definitely stood out. Mushrooms were top notch. Pepperoni was the gourmet kind and tasted great. Sauce and cheese on plain slice also just right. Crust was good – buttery and crisp, even after the 10 min walk back to the office. And the three slices ended up costing just about $10, which is not too much more than I’d spend elsewhere for three slices with toppings. I’d go back.

  • So it’s an upscale Sbarro?

  • Tastiness confirmed…however, let’s not get overhyped. It was solid, but not spectacular. A welcome addition to the hood no doubt, but there’s no doubt that you need 3 slices for a filling lunch (unless you weigh 100 pounds). And that’s going to push the $10 limit (one pepperoni was $3.54 including tax). It’s very similar to Naples 45, although I’d still give the edge to Naples…and when you factor in the $1.75 cost past 2pm, it’s no contest.

    But again, it’s a welcome addition…

  • Just got slices for dinner, can confirm it’s pretty good.

    First place in the Rock that had a good first day impression.

  • Their menu is like their seating area… Small. I had the sausage and white slices. Both were enjoyable.

    This place is really a pizza place with a fancy name.

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