Miss Korea Serves a Take Out $10 Dosirak

MissKorea exterior
When my lunchtime wanderings lead me to 32nd street, I generally opt for either my longtime love, Woorijip, or my more recent obsession, Food Gallery 32. The other day, however, I walked just a little farther down the block and saw that Miss Korea is now offering $10 dosirak (aka Korean lunch box) that looked ML worthy.

Here’s the drill for $9.95 (plus tax) you get a choice of Kalbi, Bulgogi, Spicy Pork, or Marinated Chicken. The catch is it’s pick up only and they have a limit of 50 dosiraks per day so you have to get your order in early. I phoned in my order for a Spicy Pork Dosirak at around noon and they told me it would be ready in around 10 minutes. Just enough time for me to hop the subway to pick it up (kind of a nice change from 45 minute cart lines, just saying).

Miss Korea Dosirak
The dosirak came with soup, a little salad, kimchee, rice, some assorted banchan (maybe some of our resident Korean food experts can identify the kind of banchan in the comments), a single fried mandoo.

Spicy Pork Closeup
The pork wasn’t overly spicy but it had a nice amount of kick and a good balance of fatty bits and meaty bits. It’s a good amount of food and considering Korean food tends to be pricey at lunch time and out of the ML range, I’d call it a very solid value. I’ll definitely make a return trip to try the other lunch boxes.

Miss Korea, 10 W 32nd Street, (btw 5th Ave and Broadway), (212) 594-4963


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