Flatiron Lunch: Your first look at Beecher’s


As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Beecher’s, Seattle’s Pike Market cheesemonger opened up an outpost on 20th Street and Broadway last month. It’s still on the new side, so today’s post is more of a look around at the place and what they offer.


Immediately inside Beecher’s are the retail meat and cheese counters. There are plenty of varieties of charcuterie and cheeses that would make for a pretty good picnic in the park on a leisurely day. For those of us on the clock, this area is good for a couple free samples.


Lunchers head to the back to the cafe section for sandwiches, salads and their main attraction, the mac n cheese.


The sandwich counter holds a number tasty looking options ranging from the simple cheese sandwiches with basil and tomato using their ‘flagship’ jack cheese ($7) to the more elaborate special sandwich offered yesterday filled with short ribs, barbecue sauce, sauteed cabbage, spinach and cheese ($11). Most of the rest are priced in between, from $8 to $9.


It looks like on any given day, there are around six sandwiches available: most of which are pressed and served hot.


They also have some impressive looking salads on display.


Beecher’s claims to have world famous mac n cheese. That will require some investigation further down the line – when it’s not 100 degrees outside. It’s worth noting that the cheese is saucy rather than chewy. If you are a fan of stretchy, gooey cheese with your macaroni, this isn’t that. Still the sample taster they were giving out was tasty.


They also had samples available for some of their homemade drinks, including a ginger lemonade and a hibiscus nectar. The lemonade was a nice mix of sweetness along with ginger bite and lemon tart, but I wasn’t sure if I could drink a whole cup of it. I ended up getting a Boylan’s lemon soda, which I’d never had before. They also have Reed’s Ginger Beer and other well picked beverages.


Once you’ve got your lunch, you can head upstairs to eat it.


One side of the eating area overlooks the cheesemaking facility, which I haven’t managed to see in operation yet. It’s still in progress as far as I understand, but I think there are days when some work is being done.


Yesterday, I got the flagship sandwich, seen here with my iPhone for size reference.


I like my grilled sandwiches toasted a little more than this, but that’s barely a complaint. The bread is very good and the slightly sharp cheese works with the basil and tomato. It did make me curious about how the figs would taste on it, but that’ll just have to wait for another visit.


Beecher’s seems like a quality addition to the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to exploring the options they offer and eventually giving their mac n cheese a proper once over.

Beecher’s, 900 Broadway at 20th Street. 212.466.3340

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  • As a Seattle native, I can vouch that Beechers makes some amazing cheese. I would, on occasion, make the trip down to their flagship store in Pike Place Market and buy a few different cheeses to make some amazing bacon mac!

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