Cafe 45 Coming Soon to (You Guessed It) 45th

Cafe 45

Luncher Adam W wrote in the other day with this tip:

I saw a new restaurant called Cafe 45 being built on the south side of 45 St. between 5th and 6th, but much closer to 5th. Construction appears to be progressing quickly, but no word on when it will open. I assume it will be another Cafe Manhattan-type of place (Cafe Manhattan is on the same block).

Could be good!  But probably not… we’ll be sure to keep track.  Got a tip of your own to share?  Email it to editor@midtownlunch, post it in the forums, or twitter @midtownlunch.


  • They were open this morning…handing out little flyers that said “50% off grand opening special.” I didn’t get a good look inside, but what I saw looked like every other generic place.

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    There is a 50% off special today through July 22nd. Pretty much generic deli. Everything looked fresh. There is a salad station, sandwich station, hot and cold salad bar, hot food station, and a stir-fry and Korean soup station. I was about to get stir fry until I noticed the guy use the same tongs for the raw chicken to also take the vegetables. It was very crowded but no huge lines. Seemed as if everything was moving efficiently.

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    This place has been open for a few months now. I go here all the time for lunch. The food is very fresh and great menu with tons of variety! The sushi and hot noodles are the best!!! Place is very clean and friendly staff! highly recommend !!

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