Cer Te’s Texas Heart Attack is the Perfect Hangover Cure

Cer Te's July Sandwich
When I heard about Cer Te’s newest sandwich that debuted on Monday, I stopped on by to check it out-DOH scores be damned! For the record, I’ve been taking the DOH scores rather lightly. I’ve spied terrible things in some of the A or B restaurants, and Cer Te has never made me sick. The other day, there wasn’t a grade at all in their window-that’s a definite no-no if you’ve been scored. But onto the sandwich…

Cer Te's July Sandwich

The sandwich consists of chicken fried steak and macaroni and cheese on Texas toast. Much to my dismay, the macaroni wasn’t of the elbow variety, but acini de pepe (peppercorns) pasta. I will say that this is by far one of the biggest Cer Te sandwiches, a definite plus for those of you with bigger appetites. I didn’t come close to finishing the whole thing. The combining of savory steak and salty cheese with crunch from the fried breading made my belly happy. I’d have loved it even more if I was in need of a decent hangover cure. But the sandwich did have some structural problems.

Cer Te's July Sandwich

Since the steak is one piece, all it takes is one tough, messy bite for the entire piece to leave the sandwich. It is not cute sitting there with a huge piece of half-breaded steak hanging out of your mouth. That said, the breading also came off at times which made me sad. At the end, I was basically eating a mac and cheese sandwich with steak and breading on the side. Not that I minded, it still tasted good. And I didn’t get sick or have a heart attack-something I consider a win.

Cer Te, 20 W 55th St (btw 5+6th), 212-397-2020


  • That was also the issue with the Colonel’s Heart Attack… deconstruction required

    Maybe Chef Edward can roughly julienne the meat with a cleaver post-frying and before building that bad boy

  • Just had this…was ok, but won’t be going back for seconds. I ate the whole thing and was not particularly full (after also having a sample of pizza and fruit salad). My suggestion is to use a sharper cheddar or jack-based mac or something else to liven up the flavors. As is, the sandwich is a bit on the dull side, lacking in saltiness. If I’m going to have a heart attack, it might as well be coupled with hypertension.

  • I had this yesterday and it was EXCELLENT! I loved the crisped steak in the sandwich. The other stuff in the sandwich gave it great taste. The bread choice was perfect, partly because it didn’t get soggy. It’s really a great sandwich.

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