5 Years of Eating at Woorijip, It Still Surprises Me

WoorijipIt’s been over half a year since I ate lunch at Woorijip (32nd btw. B’way+5th). I used to work around that area so back in the day this was my go-to lunch spot for Korean food. Their kimbap may not be the freshest but they sure have one heck of a by the pound buffet. I had plans to meet some friends at the newly opened Beerparc and was thinking a return trip for lunch might be in order. And what’s this? Hello lovely food item that I have never seen before!


As you can see I’m a huge fan of fried foods! Fried seaweed wrapped with japchae inside, fried meat patties, fried fish and some fried rice. On the top right corner is a salad and some mung bean jelly (had to add some “healthiness” to the meal). But the thing I was most excited about was the bacon wrapped asparagus. 5 years of eating at Woorijip, and I had never seen this bit of deliciousness before. The asparagus may have been a little over cooked (what do expect at a buffet like this!) but the pork was tender and the whole thing was covered in a sauce similar to teriyaki.

I could eat at Woorijip everyday and would never get tired of it. They churn out solid tasting foods and sometimes tasty surprises like the bacon wrapped asparagus or the pork spare ribs I found last August. Heck even Ruth Reichl is a fan.

Woorjip, 12 W. 32nd St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-244-1115


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