Tacos Mexicana Juquilita Truck Pops Up In Front of the Mexican Consulate

Tacos Mexicana Juquilita

Yesterday Lunch’er Mala tipped us off about a new taco truck just outside the Mexican embassy consulate, Tacos Mexicana Juquilita on 39th and Madison- which if you remember is the same spot where the tamale lady hangs out. So will there be a battle of Mexican street food outside the Mexican embassy or like Lunch’er Ike suggested, could they possibly be the same people.

Tacos Mexicana Juquilita

For $1.50 this was one of the cheapest tamales I have ever eaten and it was delicious. Filled with a mixture of chicken and green chili, it was soft and spicy. After much close examination of the tamales Zach had and the 1 I had, they may be the same people. Both came in similar looking plastic bags and they look pretty similar.

Tacos Mexicana Juquilita

Since this was a taco truck I wanted to try their tacos also. Hopefully later on they will have more meat choices because when I ordered my tacos all they had was pork or chicken.  As you can see the tacos ($3 for each) were covered with unnecessary things like lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes and diced onions (I wouldn’t mind if there was a little bit of each). The chicken (white meat) was dry and the 2 tortillas were on the dry side as well. I had asked for green sauce but the guy in the truck had forgotten which I think might’ve helped with the dryness (basically I was hoping for  tacos that were more like these).

Normally I would give you the +/- but since this truck just debuted, we’ll give it some time. 4 people were in the truck and they pretty much were running around without their heads trying to just get the orders out. In fact, they were having so much trouble just serving 7 people, I don’t want to think what will happen when the lunch crowd gets bigger. Early adopters willing to brave the truck through their growing pains, let us know what you think in the comments…

Tacos Mexicana Juquilita, 39th St and Madison Ave.


  • more mexican trucks the better!

    aren’t tortillas inherently dry?

  • cilantro and diced onions are not unnecessary. they are the only essential items on a taco besides the main filling. (and the salsa you put on).

    lettuce and tomato have no business on tacos, though.

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