New Gelato Stand Opens on 36th


After heading out of Keen’s the other day, I passed by the pizza shop on the corner and discovered a brand new snack option: A gelato stand up and running just in time for summer. I didn’t have a chance to try it out, but check out the price list after the jump.


Anybody checked it out yet?  Let us know in the comments…

My Daddy’s Pizza, 976 6th Ave, 646-473-1760


  • there has been a gelato stand setup inside the Manhattan Mall next to Seattle’s Best. get on it!

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    Out of Bounds, but there is a generic gelato stand at 58th and 2nd. An older woman with a thick accent runs it. It looks like it is in front of the vacant storefront next to the Moonstruck Diner.

  • Golosi is closed btw. I wasn’t really a fan of their pizza or gelato though (Ciao Bella is actually better.)

    Also, out of bounds, but I think L’Arte del Gelato is pretty decent. I’ve eaten gelato at 2 but passed all 3 locations in NYC. One is by the MET for those who appreciate Opera/ Performing Arts.

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    Why are so many of these places popping up? Did they anticipate some kind of gelato craze?

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