Big D’s Grub Truck Now Serving Breakfast

Big D's Grub Truck

There are plenty of generic coffee carts in midtown where you can grab a quick breakfast, and so far few of the gourmet food trucks have ventured into this territory. When I saw a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of the ML Twitter Tracker, that Big D’s Grub Truck had started serving up some AM grub, I had to go check it out.

When I went the menu wasn’t posted on the truck so I wasn’t able to get a pic, but I grabbed this courtesy of their website:

with eggs, peppers, and onions ($3.50)
add Spam, Bacon, or Sausage (+$0.50 each)
add Cheese (+$0.50)
add Corn Cake (+$1.50)

with tomatoes, peppers, and onions ($3.50)
add Spam, Bacon, or Sausage (+$0.50 each)
add Cheese (+$0.50)
add Corn Cake (+$1.50)

Two Corn Cakes
(Jalapenos optional) ($3.50)
add Spam, Bacon, or Sausage (+$0.50 each)
add Cheese (+$0.50)

Small $1.50/Large $2

Big D's Breakfast

I decided to try the Breakfast Burrito with cheese and bacon ($4.50) and the Jalapeño Corn Cakes ($3.50). The breakfast burrito didn’t strike me as terribly large, but it was a fairly decent size and the made-to-order eggs were perfectly fluffy. My only complaint here was that the bacon sort of settled in one half of the burrito, so half the bites were bacony and the other half were bacon-free.

Big D's Breakfast Burrito close up
The corn cakes were also on the small side (you can see from the pic that both the burrito and corn cakes fit side by side in a standard takeout container), but big on flavor. The ‘cakes were light and the sweetness of the cornmeal was a nice match for the jalapeños spicy kick. These were the first jalapeño corn cakes I’ve ever had, so I don’t have a point of comparison, but if you like corn cakes and enjoy just a little bit of heat, these would be a good bet.

Unless you have a small appetite, I don’t think that going with just the burrito or just the corn cakes will be enough for breakfast. That said, I think even those with a big appetite would be more than sated by ordering both and the happy medium might very well be ordering a breakfast burrito with the $1.50 corn cake add on (an option I didn’t know that I had).

Here’s what I’d love to see on the menu…breakfast tacos. Austin, Texas-style breakfast tacos. Who’s with me?

Big D’s Grub Truck serves breakfast until 10ish (lunch service starts at around 11). Today they should be on 50th and 6th, but as always check the Twitter Tracker before heading out.


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    Overall, it’s a must try. I must say that the breakfast burrito disappointed me as the onions and peppers were raw, and the salsa that it came with was very mild. I would have liked to see this come with some sort of hot salsa or hot sauce.

    The jalapeno corn cakes on the other hand were divine! Definitely go with jalapeno (you can get it without) and definitely go with cheese (a MUST to balance sweet with salty). They are a great change in a very boring breakfast world.

    I enjoyed their coffee as well. All in all, give it a shot. But could use some improvement. And hell yeah breakfast tacos!!! BRING IT!

  • Looks like a Micky D’s breakfast….

  • Hopefully their breakfast is better than their lunch.

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    Goodness do I love breakfast tacos. That Times article has my mouth watering. I make them at home sometimes, but it’s not the same.

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