Things We Need in Midtown: Doner Calzone!?

From Lunch’er “Jason”:

I just spent a week in Scotland visiting my little brother who is spending the semester practicing non-sobriety/studying. Well, GB is now flooded with a blooming middle-eastern population, resulting in myriad British takes on things we find in NYC all the time, including plenty ML type versions of chicken/lamb and rice. However, there was one item that I had never seen before, and that was the Doner Calzone. Being the gluttonous sucker that I am, I of course had to order one. I ordered the above behemoth- chicken tikka donner, extra spicy (you know how calzones here sometimes have that pocket of steam that deflates at the first cut? Well this baby was jammed to the roof with chicken tikka). It came in a 10-inch pizza box, left a grease streak for days, and easily weighed 2+ lbs. This was all on top of well spiced chicken vertically shaved from the rotisserie, smothered in tikka masala, complete with grilled onions, and melty crispy cheese smothered over the top. Unfortunately I only have exterior photos because at the beginning, I was too hungry to use a fork and knife, and by the end (I only finished 2/3), I was seconds away from a devastating food coma. Perhaps this is something that a Cer Te could tweak or reinvent, because it was delicious.

We want to go to there.

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  • Thanks to Luncher Jason for sharing this AMAZING idea! I need to make a verson of street meat combo platter calzone immediately…..WOW. My mind is blown….

  • Magnificent!

    That damn smartphone or whatever device is blocking the beauty of the calzone.

    Jason, how are the lamb doner calzones then? I hope your brother finds out!

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