Would You Like A Margarita With That?

If our favorite Mexican dishes were not enough for you, there are always happy hour specials tonight to fill the void. Almost every bar will have some drink specials but here are two that caught my eye.

Wharf Bar will have a large list of Mexican food and drink specials all night, but I’d head straight for their fish tacos. As close to Baja on a budget as you can get in Manhattan, their battered and fried fish fillets wrapped in a steamy corn tortilla and topped with cheese, pico de gallo, and tomatillo salsa really hit the spot during happy hour.Want to avoid the drunken crowds today? Just visit on any Wednesday for $1 chicken, beef or fish tacos from 4pm-2am with $3 shot specials.

Over on the Westside, Blue Ruin will have $2 tequila shots, plus free chips & salsa. Owner Michelle promises not to slap anyone who asks for a margarita during happy hour. Ain’t she sweet.  ¡Salud!


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