Free Kimchi Fried Rice Alert

On the ML Twitter Tracker today… Wafels & Dinges is on 52nd btw 6+7th, Kimchi Truck is on 46th & 6th Lex, Cupcake Stop is on 37th and 7th, Schnitzel & Things is on 52nd and Lex, Comme Ci Comme Ca is on 38th & B’way, and the Taste of Korea truck will be on 43rd & 5th today giving out free kimchi fried rice.


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    Cupcake Crew on 52nd and Lex.

    Today’s menu from twitter: Red vel,Van/Choc,Key lime,Choc-chip cookie dough,Carrot cake & Mexican chocolate(Cayenne buttercream topped Dark choc cake)

  • I think the Kimchi Taco Truck is on 46th & Lex (according to their tweet).

  • Cevap truck is parked right in front of the Crisp truck on 46th

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    Taim is also on 52nd btw Lex and 3rd….3 trucks on the south side, one on the north side.

    The Schnitzels got into a yelling match with the guy from Cupcake Crew about parking. Even though they both had a parking spot, the Schnitzels said that it was there spot on Friday and didn’t want the cupcake guy parked in front of them. They were both saying that they have ‘crews’ back home and Johnnie Cupcake grew up on the streets of canarsie…blah, blah….After a lot of back and forth, the cupcake guy ended up staying put.

    I don’t see what the big deal was….totally different product. Maybe they didn’t want to draw extra attention to the block, who knows. Anyway, huge line at Schnitzel, zero at Cupcake Crew.

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