Hing Won’s Off the Menu Special is For Those Who Think 2 Meats Isn’t Enough

Hing WonFor any long time Midtown Lunch reader, you probably know that Hing Won (48th btw. 5+6th) is one of  our favorite cheap Chinese places (maybe even THE favorite?) You may also know that the roast pig over rice is probably the best pork dish in Midtown. And if you’re like me and can never decide between pig or pork you can always get their “Any Two Roast Meats Over Rice” for about 20cents more. But what do you do when you’re craving for more than two types of meat?

3 ping rice

Easy! Order three types of meat (which is not listed on the menu) for $8. I got roast pig, roast pork and roast chicken over rice. Yeah a little bit meat overload but good thing the dish came with some sauteed cabbage with dried shrimp and clear noodles. After taking a bite of the roast pig I can see why Zach would love this. Perfectly roasted with the skin still crispy (I have tried many places where the skin has gone completely stale and chewy). The roast pork and chicken were good as well, not dry at all. The plus side to getting the chicken was that it came with a scoop of the ginger scallion oil. Went great with the roast pig. Though the down side to getting three types of meat was that you get less of each. But sometimes I do prefer a little more variety and for $8 this rice dish really filled me up.

Hing Won, 48 W 48th St btw 5+6th, 212-719-1451


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    After that you will, definitely, clear out the bathroom.

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    Does this apply to hop won too?

  • This is a standard dish you can find at any chinese place with the roast meats. It’s called “3 meat rice” (loosely translated) and usually comes with a fried egg on top.

    also, menus are just suggestions, they’ll make anything you want for you if some part of it appears on the menu. You could get four meats if you want! they’ll happily sell it to you.

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