Sweetery Now Selling Melt Bakery Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sweetery NYC

A month or so ago, Sweetery NYC (formerly Street Sweets) begun carrying ice cream sandwiches. This ice cream sandwich expert saw the flavor combinations and knew that the sandwiches were coming from Melt Bakery. If any of you stopped by the Hester Street Fair last summer, you might have stopped by their booth. And even though the weather hasn’t fully turned to wonderful out, it’s always the time for ice cream. Even if that ice cream comes completely frozen and will set you back a pretty penny.

Melt's Cinnamax
Sweetery NYC doesn’t come to Midtown nearly as often as they used to, but they can be found almost every Wednesday at 52nd and Lexington. Melt Bakery offers quite a few unique flavor combinations and Sweetery is carrying the most current of their rotating menu. I decided to check out the Cinnamax: snickerdoodle cookies with cinnamon ice cream. Due the dry ice packing, the sandwich will be frozen solid when you get it-once it’s 90 out, this won’t be so much of an issue. It took mine about 20 minutes to become edible. Once it’s thawed, the cookie is chewy enough to bite without breaking, while the ice cream survives the dry ice quite well. It’s seriously creamy, and chock full of flavor. Best part is their sandwiches never seem to smush and ooze out, but that might be because I eat them so fast. At $5 each, this might fall under the splurge category, but if you want something more than soft serve in a cone, you should definitely seek these out.

Check for Sweetery NYC’s location on their Twitter or on the ML Twitter Tracker.


  • but was it life changing? if, not, i’m definitely heading to melt shop, where they only choose the finest ingredients!

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    They are giving away free ice cream sandwiches on 6th ave between 446 and 47th st. In celebration of Hockey playoffs.

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    I think melt shop and melt bakery are different entities, but melt shop might also carry the melt bakery ice cream sandwiches….but I really don’t know.

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    @viktor – is the line long? Do you know how long will the giving away last till? Thanks.

  • $5 for that? I’ll stick to my soft serve from a cone, preferably from Miss Softee.

  • I won 10% off the nhl store. Thanks for nothing. The free ice cream sandwich was good though. Life changing no. It was an ice cream sandwich.

    Speaking of sweet trucks…
    The Cupcake Crew and Treats truck nearly came to blows today on 45th street. Treats was pissed off that Cupcake Crew took “their” spot, even though Crew was there first. Turf wars!

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    Its your fav hockey tshirt…

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    People, get your info straight. Melt Shop is mostly a grilled cheese shop and Melt Bakery only makes homemade ice cream sandwiches SO they are completely different, and Melt Shop does not sell Melt Bakery’s ice cream sandwiches.

    I had a free ice cream sandwich from the NHL, and it had nothing to do with Sweetery, they have a million promotions all around Manhattan, but the NHL was not one of them.

    As for the almost dust up between the cupcake peeps and the Treats cart, does she own that spot? Does she have a permit for that location, if she does not, than she needs to wake up earlier and claim her spot first.

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