No Kimchi Truck Bowls Today

Guess this wasn’t the best day to write about the bowls at the Kimchi Truck. They’re on 52nd, but due to technical difficulties they’ll only have tacos and sides today. Also on the ML Twitter Tracker Big D’s Grub Truck is on 40th, Taim Mobile is on 51st, Comme Ci Comme Ca is on 55th, Eddie’s Pizza is on 46th, and Sweetery is on 52n.


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    The Kimchi truck also said they would open at 11:45. As of 12:05 they still weren’t open and said it would be at least 10 more minutes (but only told the one person who asked – I was nearby). I gave up and so did a bunch of other people. Not the best way to run a business.

  • I stopped by the kimchi truck today. I waited 45 minutes (I was early to work) and finally just left. There were still 15 people in front of me when I left. The guy came out of the truck and was tinkering with the gas tanks, and I gave up on him.

    I personally do not have an hour and half to wait in the rain for 3 small tacos.

    Obviously this truck will have to work out their kinks if it wants to stay in business. In a bad economy with furloughs, layoffs, and extra workloads…I don’t know too many people who have jobs that allow them to take long extended lunch breaks anymore!

  • I hope they get their rice/beans in order. The kimchi bowls make a very decent lunch.

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