Bai Cha Closes Down

This has not been a good week for Midtown lunches… Nino’s caught fire over the weekend, Frites N Meats exploded on Monday, Djerdan has closed their borek temple, and now this. Life With Food and Drink reports that Bai Cha, the South East Asian take out counter and market on 9th Ave., is now closed. I guess Chris H’s banh mi reprieve was too little, too late.


  • haha, damn that was quick.

    • so true! Why in the world would a restaurant owner invest so much capital and effort into opening a place for that short a time? Same with Blackburn Burger. No effort, just gave up. Why bother at all? What a foolish waste of money.

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    I’m sad that Bai Cha closed. Yummy food and nice people.

    Blackburn Burger was terrible in every way. I was not surprised when it closed.

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    Oh man. I just saw this. They were so very nice, and the only place in the hood to get bahn mi. I worried when I saw it was always empty. This sucks. As for Blackburn Burger, I poked my head in one day and it looked depressing – bad lighting, empty. I kept meaning half-heartedly to try it but don’t mourn it’s passing. Bai Cha, though. Damn.

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