Signs of Spring: Kelvin Slush Truck Back to Stay

Kelvin Slush

It seems like only yesterday we were complaining about freak snow storms and seriously crummy weather, but signs of spring are emerging, whether it be the start of baseball season, OMG RAMPS!, or the Kelvin Slush Truck making its glorious return. I noticed their tweet that they’d be re-launching this weekend, and tracked them down to inquire if they’d be coming to Midtown anytime soon.

First, the good news – barring any serious weather set-backs, they mentioned that they are back for good for the year. However, they were non-committal on any Midtown visits, so we’ll have to keep our eyes on twitter and hope they grace us with their presence. Oh, and my ginger slush with white peach and strawberry? Freakin’ fantastic.

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    I’m almost certain I saw that truck around Flatiron yesterday. It looked very much like the truck, but I was in a hurry and couldn’t investigate.

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