Flatiron Extra: Souvlaki GR; Rooftop Garden

Ultraclay’s weekly Flatiron review will be up in a bit… but first, a round up of the news happening just south of the ML boundaries.


It may not feel like spring, but it’s about that time of year when new places start popping up around town, while others call it quits. This week, we’ve got some news from around the Internets about a few newcomers, favorites and hidden gems. Follow the jump for the good, the bad and the fantastic.

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With their new LES shop up and running, Souvlaki GR Truck has returned to their old spot on 21st and 6th Ave. I for one am looking forward to getting my first pork souvlaki for the year.

In less happy news, if you had been meaning to check out Tin Tin, the newish ‘healthy’ Asian spot in Kips Bay, you can strike it off your list. Grub Street reports that they’ve closed for good after just a couple months.

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Gothamist’s new Quadrant feature took a look at our neck of the woods this week and chose some interesting spots in the ML price range. Baoguette is an old favorite around here, but Frank’s Express Pizza is new to me and I still haven’t been to Tiffin Wallah! Anyone been to either? Let us know what you think of their picks in the comments.


Possibly the best news of the week was when Eater reported that Eataly’s rooftop beer garden is nearly done and that job postings are going up on Craigslist. Then a day later, the news got better with a preview of the food and drink they’ll be serving and an estimated opening date for mid-May.

Got more news of upcoming openings in the area? Let us know in the comments or send a tip to editor@midtownlunch.com.


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    I’ve been going for years to Tiffin Wallah, both for the buffet lunch and dinner. It’s pretty consistently good – try it!

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    Tiffin Wallah is very good – love their paper dosas.

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    Huge fan of both Tiffin Wallah and Frank’s. I’d rather Tiffin Wallah not get the publicity though as they are already pretty busy. They have a buffest that is around $8 of vegetarian fare. They always have a soup, an appetizer, bread, a rice and three entrees that are always great and are always changing. The real highlight though is their chutneys. The coconut one and the mint one in particular are delicious.

    Frank’s has plain slices for $2 which are certainly a lot better than the average 99 cent slice. They are a little on the thin side, but definitely a solid slice.

  • TW is yummy (and I’m an omnivore!). Haven’t tried the souvlaki truck. Looks tempting, but they are right outside the door to Trader Joe’s, so I usually see it when I’m just there to pick up some tasty treats to fix at home (around the corner).

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