Taiwanese Chain Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Brings Bubble Tea to Midtown East

Coco Bubble Tea & Juice
About two weeks, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice opened its storefront on 45th, the second US store for this Taiwanese chain. According to commenter “hungryteresa” the chain is considered one of the better chains in Taiwan- meaning its a big score for Midtown East. I managed to stop by last week to check it out.

Black Tea Latte
The minimalist interior is very bright and orange with a few bench seats by the windows. The store doesn’t only sell bubble tea, they’re also offering ice tea, milk tea, and flavored fresh milk-all of which will be very refreshing once summer rolls up in here. Between my two visits, I sampled the banana milk tea and the black tea latte. The banana was flavorful, but not overwhelming, while the black tea latte tasted similar to a milky cup of iced Earl Grey. Though there is a bit of a language barrier, I found the staff helpful even when I was questioning the “pudding tea” (that has dense tapioca added in.) This is definitely the store for the tea-lovers, but its worth a visit if only to watch the fascinating machine they have glue that plastic lid on.

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, 459 Lexington Avenue, (212) 518-8808


  • Blondie,

    I’m happy you enjoyed your bubble tea! I’m anxiously waiting for the one in Flushing to open. Maybe I’ll swing by this Midtown location. What was the pricepoint for the teas? I hope it wasn’t more than $3.50. Do they have any kind of loyalty card program?

  • Flushing location? do you know where exactly?

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    Awesome addition to midtown! Coco is THE BEST bubble tea chain in Taiwan, so worth a try. I go there almost every day at 3pm for a pick me up. Try the grapefruit one if you’re feeling fruity..but the basic milk tea with tapioca is always a good standby. Service is nice and quick too.

  • @locondcoco: Their Flushing location is on Prince Street by Roosevelt Avenue. It’s right by King 5 Noodle (my favorite restaurant). When I last checked their store two weeks ago it said they were hiring people, but it looked like they were still under construction.

    I wouldn’t say Coco is the best bubble tea chain in Taiwan. 50 Lan is pretty popular and there always seems to be a line when I’m there. Regardless, I’m sure Coco is better than the bubble tea you can get at some Chinese restaurants in NYC!

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    This is the best one in Taiwan!!! I can’t wait to try it!

  • The Flushing location is open, on Main and Roosevelt, in what must be the TINIEST space ever. not sure if thats a satellite location or something.

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