Times Restaurant Is Now a Mexican Hooters?

The downstairs Times Restaurant (8th Ave btw. 39+40) has endured near constant change over the last few years: name changes, wildly fluctuating buffet prices, DOH imposed downtime. Through all of that, Times has been some kind of Indian restaurant, much like the upstairs Kashmir Grill it used to share a name with. But now Times Restaurant is offering “traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex food.” It looks like it’s still a sit-down place, but there are a few ML friendly lunch items, like tacos and sandwiches. Perhaps more exciting is the fact that it may also be some sort of Mexican Hooters…

These are the fliers that they have spread over the table in their doorway. My 9 years of Spanish (yes, really) aren’t doing me much good here but they’ve got to be advertising scantily clad waitresses, lap dances or some sort of special fiesta, right? Can you confirm, Mamacita? Regardless, this is a decidedly different tack than the Indian Times ever used, so maybe Mexican Times is here to stay.

Times Restaurant & Bar, 601 8th Ave (btw 39+40th), (212) 594-2965


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