Cer Te Taking Sandwich Challenge Requests Again

It’s been just over two years since Cer Te (on 56th btw. 5+6th) began pumping up crazy ass sandwiches for our ML Sandwich Challenge, many of which had made it on to their menu as permanent fixtures or weekly specials.  Last year they put a twist on things by turning over the sandwich creating duties to you, the reader, and it was so successful (Chubby Chinese Girl, anybody?) they’ve decided to do it again.  Starting today, Cer Te will begin taking suggestions for sandwich specials.  Got some crazy ass idea you’d like to see Chef Edward tackle?  Just email it to MyDreamSandwich@certenyc.com, and who knows… maybe you’ll be the next Chubby Chinese Girl. According to the email they sent last week, the prize for having your sandwich selected is bragging rights (plus having a sandwich named after you for a month), but I’m sure we can pressure them into giving out a prize too. Maybe a gift certificate? It’s the least they can do for such kick ass sandwich ideas.  UPDATE: They’ve agreed to award a $100 Cer Te gift certificate to the winner!

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