Today Might be Your Last Chance for Wafels & Dinges’ Al Razzcapone

Please welcome our newest contributor… Lunch’er Brian. Today he lets us know about a Wafels & Dinges special that is ending today.

Even in the blustery rain (like yesterday), the guys at Wafels & Dinges always keep the mood fun and playful. Besides witty tweets and charming customer service, they’ve been playing with their dinges. Get your mind out of the gutter – I’m talking about the wacky toppings they put on top of their scrumptious waffles. Unlike previous specials like sausage and gravy or chili con carne, this week they returned to their sweet roots with a delicious but goofily named Al Razzcapone. I’m not sure what Al Capone or gangsters have to do with waffles or raspberries, but since I’m more interested in the taste of the food, I’ll let the groan-worthy pun slide.

For a pricey $7, the grooves of a dense, chewy liege waffle are adorned with fresh raspberries, a restrained spread of mascarpone cheese, and a sweet streak of honey. This is certainly one of the lighter options on the truck. And in some twisted way I convinced myself this was healthy. It’s got antioxidant rich raspberries!! Never mind the billion calories in the liege waffle. Can’t the two cancel each other out somehow?

The flavor combination here is a no-brainer, but my big complaint is that I didn’t get the full experience on certain bites. I think there could have been a bit more of the mascarpone spread, which on its own tasted like a delectable cupcake frosting. And while there were a hefty number of beautiful raspberries, I wanted more in each bite. The honey was a brilliant finishing touch that played into the spicy yeasty notes of the liege waffle.

It’s a fruitier (but probably not healthier) option for those looking for an alternative to chocolate or spekulous sauce. And it’s a wonderful tease that summer may finally be on it’s way. What will they create next week? Fried Chicken and Waffles? One can only hope.

It’s supposedly only available through today (they’re parked on 52nd between 6th and 7th Avenue) but based on the reappearance of previous specials, don’t be surprised to see this razzley dazzley waffle once again.  As always be sure to check the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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