Joyride Adds Oatmeal to their Morning Mix

Joyride Truck

When the Joyride Truck first hit midtown last summer for a short spell they were parking near Rock Center, close-ish to my office . As a froyo lover/caffeine addict, it seemed the truck seemed destined to join my truck favs, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. They pulled up stakes and moved to Midtown East and elsewhere in Manhattan. Last week courtesy of the ML Twitter Tracker I saw that Joyride had added oatmeal to their menu and I knew I had to make a special trip to check it out

Joyride Steel Cut Oats with Berries

The oatmeal ($3.50) is organic and steel cut and served until noon. It was toothsome and not too soggy or overdone. Just right. Best of all you can top it with any of their frozen yogurt toppings. Like the frozen yogurt the price includes as many toppings as fit. I went for strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, but I suppose I could have had Oreo cookies, M&Ms, chocolate chips and slivered almonds. I had to ask if anyone gets their oatmeal with dessert toppings and they lady on the truck said that occasionally she has customers request chocolate chips. Hmmm….maybe next time. One nice benefit of the Joyride Truck is that you can earn loyalty stamps on froyo and coffee purchases (buy 10 get one free) and when I got my oatmeal that lady gave me a punch for that, too. One punch closer to the free one. As far as oatmeal goes, if you’re pro-steel cut, this is a great find. I have feeling I’ll be returning to earn some more punches soon.

The Joyride Truck spends Thursdays on 52nd and Lex but check the ML Twitter Tracker or their account twitter before heading out.


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