Social Eatz Not Opening For Lunch Yet, But Will Give Away Free Food at Noon Tomorrow

@ Social Eatz

Angelo Sosa’s new eastside sandwich shop Social Eatz has been doing preview dinners all week long, and according to the New York Times is going to open to the public for dinner tomorrow night (3/10). Sadly, lunch is still a few weeks away but they’re going to make it up to us by giving away free food every day at Noon for the next week and a half! Eater reports that tomorrow they’ll give away 100 free tacos starting at noon, and the promotion will be repeated Thursday through Friday of next week (weekends not included.) Freeloaders… prepare to engage.


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    I saw Angelo on the street last Thursday and welcomed him to the neighborhood. I told him that I didn’t want to waste his time since he was busy, but he showed me around the new place. He had some staff there preparing for a F&F dinner. My impression was that he’s genuinely a nice guy.

    It’s a great block for food, so I hope he does well there.

  • i hope he changes the name of the place.

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