Fuji Bakery’s Lamb Over Rice Is A Pleasant Surprise

Fuji Bakery

Whenever I want cheap and quick Chinese food, Fuji Bakery (35th btw 7+8th) is my to go spot. Where else am I going to get shumai in Midtown for $2 and a good mix of possible 2 item lunch combinations for $4.75 that actually tastes good?

On a number of my recent trips, I noticed a piece of paper that was taped to the wall with the words “Lamb Over Rice” written on it (why is it that the best stuff at Chinese restaurants is always on weird wall signs?) I was intrigued every time I saw it but was always distracted by the pork belly dish on the steamed table. Finally I decided to try the lamb over rice dish (sorry my precious pork belly… next time.)  Sichuan style cumin lamb?  Fuji Bakery’s version of halal street meat?  I seriously had no idea what Fuji Bakery’s version of lamb over rice was going to be, and was surprised (in a good way) when I saw it. Check it out after the jump.

Fuji Bakery

BOOM! Check this out, for $5.95 you get a super giant plate filled to the edge with rice, bok choy, dried bean curd and pieces of stewed lamb. I was hungry but wasn’t sure if I was THAT hungry.  That day was particularly colder so I found this dish to be quite comforting. I’m not sure exactly what cut of lamb they used for this dish but there were a lot of bones (i.e.  the chances of accidentally biting into small pieces of bone are high.) Aside from that the dish was a total win. If you’ve ever had their beef brisket over rice dish and liked it then I’m sure you’ll like this dish because they used the same brown sauce. The chunks of lamb weren’t super tender and the flavor of the lamb wasn’t too strong (some people might prefer that more) but it was still good. In the end I gave up on trying to finish the rice and just ate all the bok choy and lamb.

Fuji Bakery and Restaurant, 224 W 35th St (btw 7+8th Ave), 212-629-7588

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    It’s a fairly comment home-made food in China. Basically they stew the lamb in a combination of sauces and spice till they are nice and soft.

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