Black Market Prices For Food Truck Permits Skyrocket

The Wall Street Journal has a pretty interesting article about the food truck permit black market today. Apparently all the recent interest in opening up food trucks has driven the cost of permits up for everybody, even the vendors who have been around forever (and it’s partially our fault!?)


  • Is there a reason why the city isn’t willing to give out more permits? Seems like they’re just missing out on additional revenue. It’s not like the limited amount of permits is stopping carts from opening since they just pay someone else.

  • Who would have thought that the main driver of global stagflation is not the unrest in the middle east nor terrorists nor hidden alien overlords — no, it’s all on Zach.

    Great job, Zach.

  • @brookln231,
    Do you really think $200 per permit is like some hidden goldmine just ready to be unearthed by the Bloomberg administration? They probably spend more than that in man hours with police hassling the current food vendors. If anything, the city would save money if they got rid of every single permit under the current system. They need to auction that shit off.

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