Chef Bill Telepan Likes Sapporo’s Cha Han

Cha Han @ Sapporo Ramen, Manhattan
Photo courtesy of Amareyui

With all the high profile new ramen spots that have opened in Midtown over the past year (Hide Chan, Totto Ramen) it’s good to see an old school spot get a little love… Eater asked Chef Bill Telepan to recommend an under the radar spot and he went with Sapporo (on 49th btw. 6+7th).

“[My wife and I] love the Shoyu Ramen with pork or she’ll get a veggie version. But one day I saw someone eating a rice dish that looked great, it’s called Cha-han, and it is a fried rice dish that I add pork to. It’s cheap, quick & yummy.”

Sapporo, 152 W. 49th St., btw. 6th & 7th 212-869-8972


  • just checked out menu pages after thinking that pic looked pretty good.

    $9 for fried rice with pork added? and that’s BEFORE a drink and tip…NO THANKS.

    I think midtownlunch has gone a bit upscale since the other dude stopped running it.

  • Sapporo is definitely pricier than places like Teriyaki Boy, but also offers better quality. And since Teriyaki Boy is out of business, I guess we can say that $3.99 was not enough money for them to be charging.

    It was a go-to for me when I worked nearby. The line out the door around lunch time makes it hard to believe that this is an “under the radar spot.”

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    Ha! I’ve kept my Sapporo love quiet in the past because I’m not really a Japanese food connoisseur and assumed is was missed by ML because it wasn’t up to snuff. Sapporo is great and has been around forever – it got really busy a few years ago when it was covered by New York Magazine or NYT (I don’t remember which) but I still like going off-hours. I love sitting at the counter and watching the crazy guys work. I love the curry soup and the don buri, which is delicious. Good dumplings, too.

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