Dunkin Donuts’ Reverse Boston Cream


As New Englander from way back–let’s put it this way, some of my relatives were on the Mayflower and the others met the boat–I should probably hold Boston Cream with a certain degree of reverence. But frankly, I’m not the biggest fan of the vanilla custard, chocolate frosted donut (or the cake that masquerades as a pie for that matter). If you up the chocolate, well, then you might get me interested. Dunkin Donuts did just that with their new chocolate donuts. I can only pass their “new donut” signage for so long before breaking down. I’m just not that strong. So I decided to check it out. At least I could let my fellow lunchers know if it was worth it.

Inside Reverse Boston Cream

I was most interested in trying their Reverse Boston Creme–chocolate flavored yeast donut, chocolate filling, and vanilla icing. Alas, this didn’t deliver as I would have hoped. The chocolate donut itself wasn’t terribly chocolatey and the filling was kind of like a thin pudding version of their chocolate frosting. As Serious Eats put it “it doesn’t dethrone the original Boston Creme.” SE has a taste test of all the other new chocolate flavors, sounds like if you like the regular chocolate frosted, that the Cocoa Confetti (aka a chocolate chocolate frosted) is the way to go.

Dunkin Donuts, Rock Center Subway Concourse


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