Food Gallery 32 Abandons Their Consolidated Ordering Counter

It took them well over a month, but Food Gallery 32 has finally scrapped their much maligned ordering system.  The single ordering counter for all the different stations was easily the biggest complaint people had about the food court, and clearly they heard the chatter.  The upside is you no longer have to walk back and forth between the different stations and the ordering counter trying to remember what you wanted to order from the various menus.  The downside?  Now all the food court places will have to hire their own cashiers to take orders (hopefully they won’t raise prices!), and you’ll have to go to a separate cashier to order drinks from the station next to Red Mango.

Food Gallery 32 Has the Internet Buzzing


  • that sucks. it wasn’t perfect, but now people(including myself) will be less likely to order from different counters during one visit.

    wonder if they also finally got a sign advertising the crepe place on the 3rd floor

    • There is a sign advertising the crepes outside the store now. Anyone actually tried the crepe place? I wonder how good it is.

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    Ugh. Nice going, you bunch of whiners. Once they came out with the paper menus (which was soon after they opened), there was no need to “walk back and forth between the different stations and the ordering counter.” When you go to a restaurant with an open kitchen, do you feel the need to peer into the kitchen before placing your order? No, you don’t? Then why do you feel the need to do this at Gallery 32. Do you get mad when restaurant menus don’t have pictures of the food?

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    I went on Monday and was sad to see the old ordering system go. To make things worse, the cashiers had no clue what was going on, though I’m sure that’s been worked out by now.

    I’m more worried about overcrowding and confusion at the counters, though the buzzer system will take care of that.

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    The system seems to work at the food court area at the Flushing Mall. Maybe its a culture thing.

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