At Lunch Now: Do You Think Midtown East is Ready For Some Fast Casual Thai Food?

Newly Open Dee Daa Thai (on 44th btw. Lex+3rd), Today at 12:48pm

Answer = Yes.


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    Are there Thai places in Midtown West-Bryant Park area?

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    1:45pm – arrived and placed order
    2:45pm – received my order

    i’d say they have some obvious kinks to work out as far as timing goes, waiting 1hr on a take out restaurant is a bit unsettling.

    i ordered the shrimp drunken noodles and vegetable spring roll. the food was tasty but not worth the waiting time, i’d give them some time to figure things out.

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    Yikes, I got there around 1:25 and the wait was a half hour. Walked right out.

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    That wait was insane. The food was so-so. I probably won’t be going back, I almost missed a meeting that afternoon between walking a few blocks there and then the ridiculous queuetimes. Sorry, not going to jeopardize my job over lunch lol

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    Portion size is small.

    I tried the drunken shrimp (all shrimp had part of the shell on) it was ok.
    The coconut soup was small, and not overly tasty.
    The mango salad was tasty, only because mangoes and cashews are tasty, the lettuce leaf didn’t add very much.

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    Went to DeeDaa, found it to be too expensive for too little value.

    I am actually suprise Thai 51 was never featured in ML Lunch. They have very good $11 lunch special, includes Appetizer, Main course and Soda. I go there all the time and to me, it’s much better value then DeeDaa.

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