My First Taste of Woorijip’s New Spicy Chicken Wrap

woorijipWhat would $3.50 get you for lunch? A plain slice? A couple of dirty water hot dogs? Maybe a small cup of soup? At Woorijip (on 32nd btw. B’way+5th), $3.50 can buy you a modest, yet filling lunch. It’s a well known fact that Woorijip is one of the best lunch deals in the vicinity of K-town. We at Midtownlunch have always loved this place for a variety of reason – the fair prices, the variety of food, and their willingness to tinker with special menu items, for better or for worse. I’m personally a frequent customer (I think I fill up a loyalty card at least once a month), and take a quirky delight in sampling any new menu items as soon as I notice them. And today’s new menu item happened to be a spicy chicken wrap, priced at only $2.50.

woorijip chicken wrap

Despite the modest size, the wrap is packed with chunks of chicken that have been lightly breaded and fried, and then coated with a spicy sweet glaze. There’s a leafy green or two floating around for textural contrast, but this wrap is almost all chicken. It’s also surprisingly hearty, requiring at least 8-9 bites to take down. For merely the price of a subway ride, I found myself nearly full on this wrap.

woorijip kongnamul guk

Woorijip also offers filling side items such as kongnamul guk (bean sprout soup), miyeok guk (seaweed soup) and warm rice for $1 each. I rounded out my chicken wrap with a warming bowl of the former, which is pleasantly refreshing and not overly spicy despite the intimidating red hue. For about the same price as your morning grande mochachino, it’s very easy to assemble a satisfying lunch at Woorijip. Now that folks, is a bargain.

Woorjip, 12 W. 32nd St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-244-1115


  • Impressive, most impressive.

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    Is this a new version of their spicy chicken wrap? I remember getting one there maybe 4 months ago.

    • hmm could very well be. they’ve had wraps of some sort around for a while – usually it was bulgogi ‘burritos’, but I thought the chicken wrap was much better.

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    but but… the buffet! why are you trying to make me not eat their buffet?!

  • This is my latest and greatest discovery (thanks to for turning me on to it and forcing me to go immediately after many years of avoidance)! I was trying to take a break this week but now I feel compelled to go back…in about an hour.

  • Woorijip is good eating. I spent around 12 the other night on their steam table for dinner. HAHA. Oops. I should’ve grabbed one of their cheaper entree specials.

    The wrap never caught my attention before nor their beef kimbaps that I thought were too dry.

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