Del Frisco’s Grille Coming to Rock Center

Zagat Buzz reports that Del Frisco’s (the gigantor super expensive steak place on 49th and 6th) has plans to open a “Del Frisco’s Grille” on 51st Street in Rock Center this summer. Clearly this won’t be a Midtown Lunch, but “Grille” does sound like it could be cheaper, right? Maybe they’ll bring back the $10 steak tips bar deal!


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    Mentioned this in other DF-related posts but the Del Frisco’s burger is one of the best in the city for the steakhouse style (big and thick – TWSS). Think it’s $15 and comes with freshly made potato chips. Love it with Monterey Jack. If the Grille focuses on things like this…very good things.

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  • I’m really curious about the menu here, it’d be great if anyone has any info on that.

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    I will be working at the grille nothing on the menu till august. for probebly a late august open.

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