Tap A Cask at Rattle N Hum

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so every week our Happy Hour Correspondent “Mamacita” will post about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap.


Cherry Tree bar in Brooklyn has been one of my weekend hangouts for many years now. I’d be there on an early Sunday afternoon playing darts and talking to the bartender when, like clockwork, owner Patrick Donagher would stumble down from his apartment -upstairs of the pub, looking like a handsome hungover train wreck, then order a drink. Sometimes a young lass or three with tousled bed hair would follow him. Times change and he’s branched out and started his second bar Rattle and Hum in midtown. Last I heard he even got hitched! But one thing remains the same, his bars have a love for cask ales, excellent draft beers, and predilection for having young beautiful waifs bartending.


With about 40 beers on tap, a well chosen bottle selection, and cask ales just begging to be tapped, this is definitely a hop and barley lovers pub.

_MG_7069 - Version 2

Happy hour is 11am to7pm and then again at 11pm to1am. It’s not the best deal in town by any means, only $1 off select drafts, and $5 well drinks, cosmos and margaritas.


The bar gets a mix of young professionals, and a group of the owners hard drinking cronies.


Part of the draw of Rattle N Hum are the brewery events. Next one up is the meet and greet with Geary’s Brewery on February 15th. Expect a huge crowd, so if that’s not your cup of brew stick to an off night.

The Plus + (What someone who does like this place would say)

  • Cask ale brewery events
  • A beer lovers selection of drafts
  • Rustic bench seating works well for small happy hour get-togethers

The Minus – (What someone who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • $1 dollar off? That’s all!?!
  • Happy hour ends much too early and I’m not even a beer lover
  • It’s a man-fest in there during beer events

Rattle N Hum, 14 E. 33rd Street, (btw. 5th/Madison Ave,) 212-481-1586

Post by Mamacita, photos by the fabulous UltraClay.


  • no mention of the quite tasty menu they offer? FAIL

  • Steve mentioned the menu, and I’m not usually one to agree with him, but it’s actually pretty good.

    Mama fail.

  • Sorry guys, I’ve only been drinking there. UltraClay helped out with photos, my pics got lost when my computer crashed. Thanks Clay!

  • and no pics of the young beautiful waifs?

  • From their menu…
    Bite-Sized Stout Burgers
    Our bite sized burgers are made with Stout* minced garlic, rosemary, and onion.
    3=$8 5=$13 7=$18 9=$25

    When you order 9 you pay more per burger?? I guess this is to bleed the drunkards.

  • This can’t be a pub report because I don’t have to squint … True callings have finally been found…

    Clay sticks to taking very nice pics
    Mama to being a cunning linguist
    The reverse… eh don’t quit your day jobs

    The Penn & Teller of ML

  • 2nd picture, dead center – I say thats got to be Mamacita.

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    Cheers for the review, the wife’s not impressed though “Sometimes a young lass or three with tousled bed hair would follow him.”
    Thanks guys,

  • Loved this bar when they first opened up last year. But now, its just a suits bar. I would love to go for their beer selection, but now its too packed with those drinking gin and tonics and cosmos.

    I miss the old Rattle N Hum. :(

    • They opened a bit before last year. It’s always been a healthy mix, and frankly, I’ve never seen the G&T/Cosmo crowd there, but to each his or her own. It gets far too crowded around the bar thanks to the narrow space, but it’s manageable.

      Plus Patrick’s a big supporter of homebrewers. It’s well appreciated.

      I do wish the ratings on the menu would disappear completely. And Geary’s night shouldn’t pack them in, not for such a subpar brewery. Seemingly every week there’s something better planned, though.

      • dont get me wrong. i still go there whenever i can. but now-even when we go on sundays, we get kicked out of our seats for people who are in bigger parties. so we stand at the bar, and watch the bigger party order mixed drinks. its known as a craft beer bar for sure, but it just doesnt have the same feel as it used to. doesnt feel as personal anymore.

      • That’s kind of a dick move. Why were you getting kicked out of a seat at a bar?

      • I think — hope — she meant that they were kicked out of their seats in the seated area, as “those are for dining guests”, or I suppose Reserved parties also.

        I don’t know that I ever felt it was particularly personal, but it’s a good space with good beer, and I’m planning to be there more often in the coming year (as long as prices comply).

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